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/deb_amd64.iso :o @wiggmpk: hope1, remove the ppa, so softwarecenter will not try to upgrade OerHeks: ok, Hello, I have a system with 4 disk. 2 disks has different setups, however, I have not been able to mount/access the other 2 disks, how can I fix that? hope1, now you need to open terminal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Hi guys, i have a problem. When i press ctrl+alt+T, my whole screen turns out and I can only see a black screen. How can i turn it off? sxyz57: what's on the second drives? reisio, reisio: it is ubuntu 14.04 Guest64798: Guest64798: there is a video that will tell you how to activate the nvidia card Guest64798: i'll keep the link to the video, it might help someone any idea when 14.10 will be released? sxyz57: is it an internal hard drive? reisio, yes, 3 drives, 2 SSD and 1 HDD "is upgrading to be aborted"? why that option apears in menu i have upgraded my ubuntu from 9 to 14 Ntemis: every 6 months perfect! for lts Guest64798: "sudo nvidia-settings" to activate your



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IceCream Screen Recorder Pro 5.99 Crack Full Activate randberd

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