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Thanks for signing up babes!


Aloha babe! Welcome to the Island Babe Squad!

Here are the next steps:



1. Send us over a message on instagram @judiekinis to receive your personal code!

2. Once you receive your order, post a photo in each goodie with the code ISLANDKINI for your followers to use + make sure they put your name in the note section to receive free product and 10% commission on all sales made with your name!

3. The more posts you make and the more sales you produce, the more goodies we will send you and the more money you'll make! 


If you don't make any posts within a month of receiving your order, you are automatically removed from the program and any orders made with your personal code will be disregarded and give to you only as store credit. Orders will not be refunded. Lots of love!


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